About Us

Chrisnetic Pte Ltd was established since November 2010, we are equiped with talented professional engineers whom are highly experience and familiar in these industry among Asia Pacific region over the past 19 years. Our company started with supply and stockist for the Marine Industry. Today we have diversified our expansion towards a large range of component and accessories to supply beyond the Marine industry but also the Aviation, Mechical and Automated diligence industries. 

We follow closely to our company's objective and motto (Protect the Unprotected) , to be successful and becoming a leading thrend in providing a better safety environment for our customers and stakeholders. Therefore, with safety being our priority, Chrisnetic is competitive among her competitor and also competent to provide an effective and efficient solution to our customer seamlessly. 


Chrisnetic operates her business with combination of priorities and dedicated to build a long term relationship with our client. We deliver responsively and providing the Top-Quality product. Policy and objectives are discussed in details to our value customers to ensure satisfactory, continuous growth and new clients on relying in our products. We keep our standards firm and never compromise any of them.


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