Kineteco Spring starters are hand spiral, manual starter motors. By Technically starting the starter instead of the electric starter motor and allow an engine to be fire up effortlessly and safely by hand, without a battery or alternator.

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Easy Diesel Hand Starting

Kineteco’s Simms Spring Starters are used internationally in many applications including ships' lifeboats, irrigation pumps, black start generators, mining vehicles and fire pumps to name but a few.



Procedure is simple, and with a Spring Starter fixed to your engine it takes effortlessly to kick-start your diesel engine. The hand starting winding steps is separated from the starting. Just wind the starter’s spring progressively until enough energy is stored; when this tripped the engine is turned over fast enough to start. There is no sharp tug or yanking, no special skill. Such smooth stable starting, even firing up a vast generator is stress-free.




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