Chrisnetic offers a wide series of Caplugs products, not only Caps and Plugs but also Sleeve Nettings, which are suitable for most industries such as Automobile, Aviation, Industrial Machinery and Electronics etc.

Each cap plugs series comes with different sizes and features. Browse through our catalogue for dimension and measurements of cap plugs.

  • Tapered body. Many uses as a Cap or Plug





  •  11  
    Up to 12" Yellow Low Density Polyethylene from 14" Natural Liner Low Density Polyethylene

    Low cost and high quality Easy to fit
    Protects pipe bevel or interal and external threads Reduces corrosion and contamination
    Available in small quantities
    Most sizes available with vent holes
    Low temperature resistant EVA versions also available


    Other sizes available. NB. Norminal diameters above DN300 - 12" are the exact conversion of the A dimension. General tolerance +/1 0.5mm
  •  Round vinyl caps

  •  Tapered Caps and Plugs with wide, thick flanges

  •   Threaded aluminum caps for threaded, flare fitting
     11 22 
  •  Threaded aluminium plugs for 37 flared fittings and straight-threaded ports

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