Chalwyn Shutdown Valves

Leading manufacturers of safety products for diesel engines


Chalwyn D Series

Designed to automatically stop an engine if excess over speeding occurs due to malfunction of the engine fuel/governor system or in the presence of combustible gas or vapour in the engine's intake system.

Benefits and Features

  • Low weight, low maintenance design requiring no external power source
  • Easy to fit and adjust over speed trip setting
  • Engine performance/operation not restricted
  • Once closed will not re-set until engine stops
  • Anti-flutter mechanism for smaller engine sizes
  • Range of size to suit air intake pipes up to 290mm diamete


Chalwyn X Series

Diesel engine intake closure valves based on standard 3" and 5" slim fit butterfly valves. Used as an individual safety feature or as part of a complete flame protection installation. Mechanically (MVX), Electrically (SVX), or Pneumatically (PVX) operated options.

For small engine mounting, this starter can be indexed at 40° increments at the motor and additional 60° increments at the drive.

  • Emergency generating set
  • Motor-compressor set
  • Motor-pump set
  • Auxiliary ship engines or main engine of smaller vessels
  • Industrial engines
  • Forklift truck engines or those of other industrial vehicles

Eletrically operated - SVX


Pneumatically operated options – PVX


Mechnically operated - MVX


Chalwyn Z Series

Automatic engine over speed air intake closure valves with integral intake flame arrestor housing and provision for automatic closure on temperature/pressure signals from an oil or air pressure operated sensor system.

  • Low weight, flange mounted design with anti-flutter mechanism
  • Easy over speed trip adjustment
  • Manual start override/manual stop option
  • Suitable for engine ratings up to about 75bkW
  • Engine performance/operation not restricted
  • Sizes to suit air intake pipes up to 108mm diameter


Chalwyn Fuel Shutdown Valve

Diesel fuel shutdown valves for use in conjunction with an air intake valve to give automatic closure of the engine fuel supply on over speed in compliance with EN 1834:2000.

  • Used in conjunction with Chalwyn 'D', 'Z' or 'X' type air intake shutdown valves
  • Automatic closure in parallel with intake air valve closure
  • No external power source required
  • Manual reset latch
  • Suitable for fuel system operating pressures up to 14bar

Fits up to 10,, (3/8") fuel pipes



Chalwyn Flameproof Alternator

ATEX certified, "CE" marked EExd IIT4 alternators. Suitable for mounting in place of the standard engine alternator, these belt driven units are enclosed to IP66 standard in an electrically isolated housing and are fitted with automotive style internal regulators.

ASX-200: 14V/50A maximum output model for use with an engine start battery
ASX-300: 28V/25A maximum output model for use with an engine start battery.
ASX-310: 28V/25A maximum output self-excited alternator.

  • Motor-compressor sets
  • Motor-pump sets
  • Auxiliary ship engines or main engine of smaller vessels
  • Industrial engines
  • Forklift truck engines or those of other industrial vehicles



Chalwyn Spark Arrestor

Quenching type diesel engine exhaust spark arrestors to prevent stray sparks from igniting flammable material. Approval spark arrestors must be fitted to all diesel engines operating in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

  • Approved to EN1834 Parts 1, 2 and 3 in 2000
  • ATEX Certification
  • Manufactured in 100% grade 316 stainless steel
  • Range of body diameter/length combinations
  • Various inlet/outlet connection sizes and styles
  • Compact, low maintenance design

Engine ratings up to 350khW


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