About us

About Chrisnetic Pte Ltd

Chrisnetic Pte Ltd, venture her business by being a stockist and supply to the Marine Industry. Today we are well diversified with a variety of components and accessories to cater for not only the Marine industry but also the Aviation and Mechanical Engineering Industry. Being an established company rolling since November 2010, we are fully equipped and experience, while also being familiarize among these industries in Asia Pacific region.

Chrisnetic operates her business on 3 main elements to determine the company’s policy. They are Safety, Authenticity and Dedication to build a long term relationship with our client. We deliver responsively and providing the Top-Quality product. Requirements and objectives are discussed in details between our team and our value customers to ensure constant satisfactory in our service, continuous growth among our existing clientele and attracts new clients to explore our line of products. By enhancing our customers with the rightful knowledge, it not only empowers their ability to achieve effective results or solutions to their requirements, but also challenges us to offer better solutions in exchange for conformity and assurance.