Chrisnetic Pte Ltd, being a supplier and stockiest of the products such as HAPCO Spark Arrestor, Supertrapp Spark Arrestor, Kineteco Spring Starter, Gali and Pow-R-Quik Air Starter, Chalwyn Air Shutdown valve, plastic closure Caplugs and Lubrication pump & accessories.


We also provide
  • Plastic closures for the Aerospace, Mechanical and Offshore industry.
  • Repair & Maintenance of Air, Spring & Hydraulic Starter.
  • Design and installation of system or machinery lubrication.
  • To supply and install/enhance safety system on forklift vehicle.
  • To supply plastic blanking for pipes.


Chrisnetic Pte Ltd is able to provide professional guidance and recommendation to accommodate and fulfil safety standards and requirements for machinery and automation, for hazardous areas. 

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