SuperTrapp™ Spark Arrestor


SuperTrapp’s s patented “diffuser disc” design cuts noise and traps hot sparks in a system that is quieter, smaller and lighter than any other spark arrestor or compact muffler. The exhaust outlet is formed by stacking the individual diffuser to form a series of annular openings.

The precise spacing between the discs provides a barrier against noise and sparks without restricting the exhaust flow while the number of diffuser discs required is proportional to engine size. The exhaust noise will be minimized when the least number of discs is used.


As the exhaust flows out radially between the discs, the noise is first dissipated and then diffused over a quiet 360 pattern. After leaving the discs, the exhaust path curves inward toward the centerline and is rapidly cooled by mixing with the surrounding air. Only 1/2″ side clearance is required between the disc’s outer edge and any heat sensitive areas.


SuperTrapp is the only U.S.D.A Forest Service Approved Spark Arrestor without restrictive swirl baffles or fragile screens. Hot sparks are propelled directly into the collection chamber (end cup) by the natural exhaust flow momentum. The .23” spacing between the discs gives back-up protection should be chamber fill to capacity.



Details / Specifications


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